Premiere: Previous Love – “Caffeine” (Acoustic Session)

We’re excited to bring you a new video from Previous Love. They’re doing a series of acoustic videos and today you can check out one for “Caffeine.” The band released their self-titled EP, and you can read our recommendation of that here.

The idea behind the set of acoustic videos the band plans to release is to promote solo performances from their lead singer, Gary Sheedy, while he attends school in Florida. With the band hailing from Buffalo, NY, they’ll be in a new situation during the school year. Check out what the band has to say about how they’ll be handling the separation:

With Sheedy ready to begin playing the southeast and the rest of the members’ presence in the northeast, Previous Love is ready to bridge the gap. The band is poised to be an east coast powerhouse, and intends to let nothing get in the way of sharing their music; not growing pains, and certainly not distance. Previous Love is set to take over the world.

With a confidence like that, the band is off to a great start. They’ve spent a ton of time and effort on honing their craft and putting their best effort forward in their music. It shows in the EP and in how they go about handling a difficult situation like this one that can often leave bands on a hiatus of sorts. We look forward to what Previous Love releases next and we hope you enjoy this video!