Interview: Best Behavior

Alex of Best Behavior took some time to let us know about the start of the band, being on a label, and much more. Be sure to read the full interview below.

What were your initial plans when the band started? Was it just something to do for fun or was it a serious venture for you?
Best Behavior started more as an emotional response to a breakup I was going through. I honestly had no intentions of even playing the music live, out with a band.

How did you get hooked up with Money Fire Records? Just from playing around Brooklyn?
I had previously recorded at John Meredith’s, the owner of MFR, studio and loved his energy. After I recorded all the original Best Behavior demos he was an obvious choice for me when I was looking for someone to record with. He got into the songs and ended up putting out the album.

How would you describe the Brooklyn music scene? What’s your favorite thing about it?
There’s something about the Brooklyn spirit that you don’t find other places. It’s cliche, but the Brooklyn music scene is hungry for something. You don’t find that everywhere.

For the new single, “Say,” you teamed up with Justin Gerrish, who has worked with The Strokes. How did that come about?
Justin saw the band play when we opened up for The Darkness. He heard the our new demos and offered to help the band. His production style really helped take the EP in a new direction.

You’re out on tour now, so will that lead up to the release of Things That Happened? Do you plan to tour more after it’s out?
No doubt about it. We love being on tour. It’s so funny because we find the kids outside of NYC kind of enjoy live music more than Brooklyn.

What’s been the best experience during this recording cycle?
Finding that zen moment where I stopped caring about what people would think of the record. We decided not to rush ourselves. I think the songs really grew because of that.

We can’t wait to hear the full EP and thanks so much for taking the time to chat. Where can our readers follow the band?
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