Monday Musings: Uber, Pop Culture Hustle, and More

Monday Musings returns with some insight from Ben Thompson on Uber, my weekly newsletter, and some things you should listen to. Check them all out below.

The Uber Dilemma

This, I would note, is a lesson founders should learn: Kalanick was resolutely opposed to an IPO, claiming he would wait “as long as humanly possible”; his delay, though, completely flipped the incentives of Kalanick and his early investors. While in most companies the venture capitalists have to worry about their reputation along with their capital, in the case of Uber there is simply too much money at stake: transforming a $68 billion paper return to a real return (and guaranteeing a per partner return in the nine figures) is worth whatever reputational damage is incurred along the way.

Ben Thompson’s weekly article for Stratechery is about Uber this week. It’s a good read with some nice insight into the current dilemma the company is in.

Pop Culture Hustle Issue #1

Last week, I launched a weekly newsletter. It’ll be out every Friday and will hopefully give you some interesting stuff to read or listen to over the weekend. You can subscribe here if you’re interested.

Off Panel #113: That Lenticular Life with Brian Hibbs

On this week’s episode of Off Panel, comic shop owner Brian Hibbs joins the show to talk about the state of comic retail. Hibbs discusses how his shops are performing in 2017, whether Marvel’s downturn has impacted other publishers, the idea that trades can solve everything for a book that doesn’t sell, how Rebirth is holding up in his stores, whether there’s a cyclical relationship between Marvel and DC, customer interest in DC’s Metal and Dark Matter endeavors, the trouble with lenticular covers, the grim outlook for Marvel Legacy, why some shops buy into variants, the gates and discounts of Legacy, the immense volume of titles these days, and more.

Off Panel returns this week with a great episode on the state of comic book sales, what it’s like running a shop, and much more. My local shop closed earlier this year, so it’s nice to hear things from the retailer’s perspective.

Slaughter Beach, Dog – “Gold and Green”

Jacob Ewald is back with another new song. Birdie will be out on October 27 and you can pre-order a copy here.

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