Playlist: Awake At Last’s Warped Tour Picks

Awake At Last put together a playlist of some of their favorite Warped Tour jams. Check out the playlist below and why they picked each song.

Beartooth – “Hated”
Beartooth has been slaying it on this year’s Warped Tour, bringing in some of the biggest crowds of the tour and tons of passion and energy to their performance. The song’s lyrics strike a chord to home especially in today’s world about not being accepted for who you are .

Beartooth – “Loser”
Keeping up the Beartooth vibe, Loser is a song about a rejected teenager growing up. Beartooth’s lyrics all resonate strongly and are very emotional and it’s a groovy song to jam out to

Sylar – “Soul Addiction”
Sylar has come a long way in the last few years and their sound keeps growing and maturing – the choruses on this song are huge and super catchy. The verses have a lot of swagger to them and its an excellent song all around

Memphis May Fire – “Miles Away” ft. Kellin Quinn
Miles Away is one of Memphis May Fire’s slower tracks, telling the tale of Matty and his wife and the struggles of gone on the road touring. It shows a different side to Memphis May Fire and is really heartwarming lyrically

Memphis May Fire – “Legacy”
Legacy is an inspiring track by Memphis May Fire. The crushing instrumentals really push the whole song, but the lyrics are the best aspect here. “They say you were created to do great things, but words only come to life if you believe” is one of our favorite lines and the song is very motivational.

Dance Gavin Dance – “Young Robot”
Dance Gavin Dance is one of the talent bands on this years Warped Tour, with their intricate guitar-tapping lead lines, dual vocalist approach, and hectic instrumentals. They have honed their own unique sound and Young Robot is one of the best tracks off of their new album, showing off the talents of each individual member.

Falling in Reverse – “Coming Home”
Coming Home is the single off of Falling In Reverse’s new album and its way more atmospheric, epic, and spacey than their prior works. The verses are super laid back and electronic, the vocals all sound top notch and this is one of their best songs yet

Too Close To Touch – “Crooked Smile”
Crooked Smile is a great track by Too Close To Touch, with vocalist Keaton Pierce’s vocals going from elegant and smooth in the verses to gritty, powerful, and epic in the choruses. It showcases his vocal dynamic and the instrumentals are all excellent and provide great atmosphere’s and rhythms to keep the song moving.

Blessthefall – “Hey Baby, Here’s That Song You Wanted”
Blessthefall’s been a band we’ve all jammed for a while now, and this track is one of our favorites by them. The intricate guitar leads throughout the song and Beau’s vocals blend really well and make them a great band to jam

Hands Like Houses – “Colourblind”
Hands Like Houses was one of our favorite bands at this year’s Warped Tour. Colourblind shows a more mainstream side of Hands Like Houses and song grooves all the way through between the atmospheric instrumentals and the powerful vocal lines.

Hands Like Houses – “I Am”
I Am jams all the way through with driving instrumentals, the momentum of the song keeps going into the huge catchy chorus hook.

Silverstein – “Smile in Your Sleep”
Silverstein’s been in the game for almost 20 years and they still bring it – Smile In Your Sleep was one of the first songs any of us had heard by them and it still holds a special place for us.