Tour Blog: Civil Youth

Civil Youth wrote up a quick rundown of what they have been up to on tour. They’re on the road until the end of August, so be sure to check out their upcoming shows. You can read the blog below, which is from August 1.

We depart for the 2nd half of the Conversations Release Tour today and we seriously couldn’t be more excited to get back west!  We’re going to be playing everything from Texas to California to Washington State to Tennessee.  This will be the 3rd time playing a lot of these cities, but we have some new ones this run so it’ll be a nice change of pace for sure! Make sure to come say hi to us for the first time. (;

For the most part things have been running smoothly. We had a few gear problems, which we fixed as soon as we could, and we’re back up and running. Luckily we didn’t have to cancel any shows! (Thank God.) There’s nothing worse than having to drop a show. In regards to our show and the set list this tour, it’s easily one of our favorites to play. We’re playing all new songs from our latest album, Conversations and putting live flares on a lot of them. Super energetic set and really fun to play with the crowd. We really hope you guys get a chance to catch this tour before what we have planned next… might not stay so intimate for long… Gonna keep this short as we still have to pack suitcases. (: