Playlist: Hello Atlantic’s Warped Tour Picks

Hello Atlantic took some time to make a Warped Tour Playlist. You can listen to it below and see who picked which songs.

Steve: Movements is a newer band on the rise, the lyrics and spoken word in their music really hits home. This song “Nineteen” in particular, I can relate to greatly. I rather live out my aspirations and passions and live life the way I want to, rather than chase good credit mortgages and material things.

Our Last Night has always been a band I could throw on and enjoy whether it’s a cover or an original song. The song “Sunrise” always hits home. I love the instrumentals, lyrics and overall vibe. The song reminds me to never give up on your dreams no matter how shitty life can be.

Eric: Silverstein has been one of those bands I’ve always been into since I went to my first Warped Tour in 2005. “My Heroine” is just powerful song by them, and has always been my favorite.

Neck Deep is a band I just discovered within the past 2 years, but they’re fantastic. The first time I heard the version of December featuring Mark Hoppus of Blink 182, I was amazed by it.

Ian: Dance Gavin Dance because they’re my favorite band, it’s their newest single, and I really dig it.

“Too Close To Touch” because this song is powerful and it conveys a feeling of hopelessness and sometimes I feel hopeless so it’s nice to connect with music like that

Nick: “Scars” because I have huge respect for how I Prevail have stayed on top with their social media interactions and I think they will bring heavy music back into the mainstream.

“Drift” because Hands Like Houses are just a unique modern rock band that’s super talented and that song is the perfect example.

Ryan: I chose “Middle Fingers Up” because this was the first song I heard by Attila and also what pretty much drove me to attend my first Warped Tour, also in a twisted kind of way it conveys not letting what people think or say about you, get to you.  Lastly, I found them to be quite different sounding from what has been coming out.

“Drink” was just a very catchy song to me, aside from this song Alestorm continues to put out music that can really lift your mood no matter what.  They are creative to the point I sit and wonder how they even come up with such a constant flow of songs that all follow the same criteria and theme.

Band picks: “Fucked with an Anchor” by Alestorm we have all listened to and had our fair share of laughs to! We occasionally busy out singing it together and blast it as loud as we can.  This year some of us were lucky enough to catch at Warped!

CKY’s “96 Quite Bitter Beings” was just a hit and the majority of us had said this song at the same time.  It just felt right that we chose this song, it was also amazing to us that Warped Tour has brought back some awesome throwback and old school bands this year!