Recommendation: Previous Love

Previous Love released their self-titled EP yesterday. The band worked with Jay Zubricky in the studio, as well as Jesse Cannon, who mastered it. The release is definitely worth your time. The band blends various rock elements into their music to bring you music that feels atmospheric, but is still grounded with its lyrics. Check out what the band has to say about the songs on the EP:

Written over long distance phone calls during the winter of 2016-2017, our debut EP focuses on some of the issues faced by us when dealing with the growing pains of starting college, making new friends, and feeling distant from home. No matter how far we were away from each other, no matter how much was going on in our own lives, we didn’t let anything prevent us from writing these five songs.

Anyone who has gone off to college, especially in a different state, immediately knows some of these same feelings. Starting over in a new place with unfamiliar faces is daunting. Now that I’m back home, that feeling isn’t as imminent as it once was, but it’s something that makes one remember what it was like.

This is a solid EP, no doubt. “Freezing In Florida” oozes with raw emotion. “Dead Ends” instantly lets you know what to expect from the full EP. Overall, this is something you should be listening to this week. I look forward to what Previous Love work on next. Give it a listen below.