Monday Musings: Star Wars, Celebration Rock, and More

Monday Musings is back with some more Star Wars for you, Celebration Rock, and some articles to check out.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Behind The Scenes

At D23, Star Wars: The Last Jedi released some BTS footage. I was already looking forward to the movie, but now I’m looking forward to it even more. Is it December yet? Be sure to watch the video. It doesn’t give anything away, so don’t worry about spoilers. It’s just a fun look at all of the things we don’t get to see with the finished product.

Celebration Rock – Season 2 Episode 16: Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra Was A Teenaged Rock Star

Celebration Rock is the podcast from music journalist Steven Hyden. Manchester Orchestra are releasing a new album later this month and today he has Andy Hull on the podcast. If you’re a fan of Andy or the band, give this a listen.

The Best Christopher Nolan Movie Is…

To celebrate the release of Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan’s latest film, on Friday, we’ll be paying our respects to the director and his unique ability to produce grand cinematic experiences that are simultaneously very popular. Welcome to Christopher Nolan Week. Now, what better way to kick off the five-day event than to throw all of Nolan’s movies into a ring and debate which one is better than the rest? (Note: No one volunteered to argue for Following, Insomnia, or The Dark Knight Rises, which tells you where they stand in the hierarchy of Nolan’s films.)

The Ringer staff members debate which Christopher Nolan movie is the best and why. The site has had some fun reads on film lately, and this is just another one.

Box Office Milestone: ‘Wonder Woman’ Passes Final ‘Harry Potter’ Pic

The female-led tentpole has become a winning case study for why Hollywood studio executives should entrust female directors with their marquee properties. And if all goes as planned, Warners and DC will announce a release date for a Wonder Woman sequel at Comic-Con late this week, with Jenkins once again directing.

The Hollywood Reporter has an update on how Wonder Woman is doing at the box office. Plus, looks like there is some exciting news to look forward to at San Diego Comic Con later this week/weekend. I enjoyed the  movie a lot (and did a podcast on it), so I’d be thrilled to see Patty Jenkins on the sequel.

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