Recommendation: Young, Planetary – I Am the Night and You’re the Sunrise

Young, Planetary caught my attention last year with Wilt. This year, Young, Planetary returns with I Am the Night and You’re the Sunrise. The EP is four songs and about 12 minutes long. The EP was released on June 30th via Hidden Home Records and it’s definitely a release you should check out. It blends some hardcore, alternative, and a bit of grunge to create an intriguing sound.

The EP title comes from the lyrics in “Daybreak.” Trevor Villagrana teams up with Emily Stokes on the song to provide the listening experience with some contrast. Her voice is so different from his that it instantly catches your attention. The lyrics throughout give you a personal insight into Trevor’s life.  Right off the bat, the combination of his lyrics and the music will have you hooked. Give it a listen below.