Monday Musings: Lorde, NBA, Paramore, and The Ringer

The new edition of Monday Musings includes a track-by-track podcast from Lorde, NBA new, Paramore covering other artists, and a big movie feature from The Ringer. 

Lorde: Behind the Melodrama

Lorde talks The Spinoff’s Henry Oliver through the lyrics, songwriting and production of every song on her new album Melodrama.

There’s a new podcast on Melodrama and Lorde is breaking down each track for The Spinoff. I just started it, but it’s some cool insight into the album and her thought process throughout it.

Sources: Paul George tells Pacers he plans to leave franchise, prefers joining Lakers

In the past 24 hours, Pritchard has become more aggressive in pursuing trades for George, league sources told The Vertical. Pritchard has yet to show an inclination to engage the Lakers, but has discussed deals with several teams – including Cleveland – in which the expectation of teams would be that George is a “one-year rental.” The Cavaliers are devoid of the kind of young players and future picks that Indiana might want in return for George, and George has never mentioned the Cavaliers as an intriguing destination.

Adrian Wojnarowski is a reporter I’ve been paying to more and more throughout this recent NBA season. He always has the scoop on whatever is going on around the league and this Paul George scoop is some must-follow news for NBA fans. It’s also nice news for a Lakers fan like myself.

Paramore covers Drake and Fleetwood Mac

Check out Paramore covering two huge artists at recent live performances they did.

The 50 Best Good Bad Movies

There’s just something enjoyable about a movie that’s hopelessly committed to its (very bad) vision. Whether it’s due to bad special effects, awful acting, or a completely absurd or nonsensical plot, these films create a sense of sheer wonderment and force you to exclaim, “How is this a movie?!” But the mere fact that something so illogical, or low-budget, or ill-conceived exists is at the root of why we like these movies. They’re so bad that … they’re actually kind of good.

The Ringer is having “Good Bad Movies Week” over on the site and they kicked it off with this big feature. It’s quite the long read, but a lot of effort went into this and it’s worth your time.