Interview: Noise Brigade

Noise Brigade took some time to answer questions about the band, their new album, and more. Check out the interview below.

How did the band first form?

The original form of the band began when we were in high school, but we had a major lineup change and effectively did a hard-reset with the four-piece lineup about a year and a half ago.

Being a relatively new band still, what was it like working with a record label for This Is Fine?

It was a little weird to put our songs into somebody else’s hands since we’ve always been pretty self-sufficient as a band, but thankfully Pete and everybody at Manic Kat took good care of us and made the entire process incredibly painless.

Personally, I don’t hear about too many bands from Alaska. What was it like living there and what are the venues like?

There is a very close-knit scene up there, there generally are only one or two all-ages venues active at a time but the scene has been strong regardless of that. The winters can obviously be rough but the summers made it all worth it.

With the band now being based in Portland, do you find it’s easier to play shows and get involved in the music scene?

Getting started was kind of tough, there are a LOT more bands in Portland but thankfully we found our footing pretty quickly and settled nicely into a very supportive group of bands and friends that have made living in Portland a really great experience.

What was the writing process like for the new release?

After we finished our EP From The Mountains to the Sea and toured on it a few times, we settled into a writing mode for a few months and started holding back on playing shows. There were a lot of tough things going on in our lives as individuals that affected the writing process and overall tone of the record. It felt a lot more collaborative as a whole than we’ve done in the past and I think we sound a lot more like a “real band” now which is a really cool feeling.

Are there any plans beyond the album release and tour for 2017?

We don’t have any solid plans as of right now, but we really want to tour overseas sometime soon. We’ve always wanted to head over to Japan and the U.K. particularly, so hopefully we can make that work before too long!

What’s it like now that the album is finished?

Feels great! It feels awesome to finally have these songs that mean so much to us released into the universe. Right now we’re on tour for the record and it’s been really great so far, people are responding really well to the record and the new sort of direction we’re heading in so that fear of “man I really hope people are into this because we’re really proud of it” has definitely subsided.

Thanks for your time! Where can our readers follow the band?

Not a problem, thank you for having us!!

Facebook: @aknoisebrigade
Instagram: @noise_brigade
Twitter: @noise_brigade