Interview: The Technicolors

The Technicolors have some new music coming out soon. Sean took some time to chat with us about that, what’s next for the band, and more. You can check it out along with their new single below!

Hey Sean! How are you doing?

Doing fantastic!

Awesome! Well let’s go ahead and get this interview rolling. When did the band first form and how did all of the members meet?

The band in its current form got together early in 2015. Brennan met Nico while he was performing session gigs. He was always the young guy playing for the older artists. Brennan and him met each other while they were still in high school. I was in a previous band from Phoenix and had heard through the grapevine about this band called The Technicolors that I had to go to see and Brennan and I got together through coincidence of mutual friend. About a year after knowing each other, him & I casually suggested that we should jam together just to feel out a vibe. A week later we wrote our song Tonight You Are Mine together and thing kind of took off from there.

Nice. Is the Phoenix music scene a pretty close-knit one then?

It has its niches and each of those have their relative closeness but overall the music scene is a bit spread out. Honestly, the Phoenix scene goes in waves where a few bands are connected and then it takes a minute for it to grow and flourish again.

Did you think that made it a bit difficult to find a good following when the band first started out?

I think that the following for the band has evolved a bit in the last few years. Initially, I think we were attempting to find our identity and some of the fans that grew with us early on have been gracious enough to allow us the creative freedom to become the band we’ve always wanted to be. I feel that there’s more dimensions to us now and that process definitely had it’s ups and downs.

Of course. It’s always great to be able to explore that creativity and still keep fans interested in what you’re doing. How would you say the band showed that with “Little Charmer”? Would you say that song is a good portrayal of what the new album will sound like overall?

That was a tune we had early on in the writing process that we really felt stretched some of the vibe that was on the record as a whole. It had this laid back groove-type thing that we didn’t really dive into on our EP. The record at large is pretty fuzzy and bursting at the seams. “Little Charmer” is the break in the super charged action.

What is the writing process like for the band? Is it a very collaborative effort?

There’s a usually a skeleton that forms with Brennan & I. Sometimes it’s a riff or a phrase but usually thats catalyst. Nico will typically come in from there and lay some crazy bass groove down that helps us shape the whole picture. It’s been highly collaborative compared to other projects I’ve been involved in and I think it really helps the tunes feel connected to us a group.

That’s awesome. With Metaphysical coming out in July, what plans do you have in the meantime? What about after the release?

We’ve got plans to get out on the road this summer/fall and bring as many people as we can into this universe we’ve been creating for the longest time.

Sounds like a solid plan. Is the band constantly working on new music or do you set aside specific times to work on ideas?

We’ve been fortunate to not have any sort of set writing schedule. We function best when creating constantly so there’s never a period where music isn’t on the brain. That’s kind of where the idea of our Mixtape came about, just sorting out the bits of jumbled material that kept popping up. We’d like to continue doing things like that as long as we’re inspired to do so!

That’s great. That about wraps it up for the questions I have. Last one is where can our readers keep up with the band?

You can find us on all the lovely social media (@thetechnicolors) and on our website at

Great. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview.

No problem! Thanks so much!