Recommendation: Marvel’s History of Spider-Man

Marvel recently started covering the history of Spider-Man. I’ve been following along as they do this series with various characters. Most recently, they covered the Hulk and Black Panther. It’s a good look at where these characters started and where various writers and artists took them throughout their history. With¬†Spider-Man: Homecoming¬†on the horizon, now is a great time to dive into some Spider-Man comics and learn more about the character. The easiest way to read the comics they go through is likely Marvel Unlimited. It gives you access to thousands of comics and with Spider-Man having such a long history, you won’t be lacking for things to read.

While I’ve mainly just kept track of these character histories and haven’t actually read along as the posts come out, that might change with this one. Only two installments have been released and Marvel doesn’t give a schedule for when the posts come out. However, this is plenty to start with and I plan to do so soon.