Review: Have Mercy – ‘Make The Best Of It’

Have Mercy return with Make The Best Of It. This is the first new music from the band since their split with Somos in 2014 and their first album since A Place of Our Own in 2014. Have Mercy has been through some lineup changes with Todd Wallace, Nick Woolford, and Andrew Johnson all leaving the band in 2016. Since then, Nate Gleason teamed up with Brian Swindle to work on the new release.

The new album deals with feelings of pain, insecurity, and longing. “Smoke and Lace” launches the album into this melancholic tone. The somewhat raspy vocals work extremely well with the music. Despite the lineup changes, there’s still a hint of the same types of songs since Brian is the one constant in all of their music. The guitars in “Coexist” stand out since they tend to contradict the lyrical content. They feel more upbeat at times and that contrast works well.

“Reaper” is easily the most revengeful song on the album. There’s talk of death and cutting the breaks in someone’s Camaro to cause it. It’s a harsh song that even admits how twisted it is with the line “bet he never knew I was so deranged.” After that, things slow down a little bit with “Ghost,” which is a nice change of pace. It brings a calm feeling after the lyrical content of “Reaper” and it doesn’t speed up until about two minutes in. Even then, it’s not as hard hitting as a good majority of the album.

Make The Best Of It closes out with “You Made Me.” This song feels like one last plea to be taken back. The singer admits it’s wrong, but that it feels right. In this moment, you can hear a sort of desperation to this last song. Overall, this is a decent album. It’s nothing spectacular, but it’s not bad, either. If you haven’t yet, give it a listen. And if you dig it, grab a copy of it here.