Recommendation: Michelle Branch – ‘Hopeless Romantic’

The last music we received from Michelle Branch was an EP in 2010. Everything Comes and Goes is six songs and didn’t garner too much attention. I honestly didn’t even know about it until going to write this. I’m more familiar with her last full length, Stand Still, Look Pretty, which is with Jessica Harp as The Wreckers in 2006. The Spirit Room was her big release back in 2001 and the following record didn’t quite do the same.

Hopeless Romantic is nearly an hour long and worth every minute. She planned on releasing an album sooner, but label troubles kept her from doing so. Now that she’s with Verve, she’s back to releasing music. The title track is the single off of the album and you instantly know that her divorce from Teddy Landau. The album shows off MIchelle’s excellent vocal chops and how well they pair with the melodies throughout.

I wouldn’t say I’ve been a huge Michelle Branch fan by any means, but I did really enjoy The Wreckers. She can handle straight pop songs and work the country side, as well. Giving this new album a listen, I definitely want to go back and listen to her older albums. This new album definitely shows a maturity, though. It isn’t meant to sound like something from the early 2000s. This album also leans a bit more towards rock.

I don’t need to listen to this album a ton of times to know it’s good. But with that said, you should definitely give it at least one listen. It’s a solid album and it will be interesting to see what she has planned next following this excellent return.