Review: Legion S01E07: Chapter 7

Photo Credit: FX

Legion picks up right where the previous episode left off: The Eye is still chasing after Kerry in the hospital. We’re given vital information and “Chapter 7” moves along much faster than last week’s episode. Sometimes you need to slow things down a bit to prepare for what’s next. That’s exactly what happens here. Rationality prevails (in the form of a British version of David) and we learn so much more about David and what he’s going through. The episode is highly entertaining and gives much to look forward to in the season finale.

While the audience was piecing things together about what was going on, so was Syd. She makes that much known when she’s talking to Cary and states that the hospital was a mental projection created by the parasite. She also knows that everyone is in David’s childhood bedroom. It’s refreshing to see that the characters were essentially going through the same thing as the audience. It’s a nice way to present the situation and the solution for it.

Photo Credit: Michelle Faye/FX

David gives a fantastic performance this episode, not only being himself, but his rational mind, too. The scene where he’s talking himself through how to overcome the parasite and figure out the facts is a joy to watch and the chalk animations are a nice touch. The animations really felt like what David would be visualizing in his head. It might not be the most exciting moment in the show, but it’s absolutely necessary and gives us a lot of the information we need.

Now onto the silent film portion of the episode. We get a crazed looking Lenny, who has also been The Devil with the Yellow Eyes, and it’s insanely great. The way it is shot in black and white and any dialogue is shown on a card is a great nod to some old movies, but horror ones in particular. We see the creepy, the brutal, and the power in Lenny’s character. It’s a great moment that really gives this episode a boost. The dialogue was fairly minimal, too, which allows you to focus on the characters in a new light.

Oliver is another huge focus in the episode. He’s out of his ice box and the dive suit. However, he has no memory of being married to Melanie. Jean Smart does an excellent job with staying composed, but allowing the pain to come through in her facial expressions. She’s pained that he doesn’t remember her, but thrilled that he’s back at the same time. That push and pull of emotions makes their scenes together much more interesting.

Overall, this is a fantastic penultimate episode. From the previous, it looks like we’ll get to see some more great things in the season finale, especially with this episode ending with D3 surrounding Summerland. Legion has been one of the best shows in 2017 and I’m sad that the first season is only eight episodes.