Interview + Stream: Miami Drowned

Miami Drowned will release Old Blood on March 17th. The EP will be the debut release from the project and we have an interview below followed by a full stream of the EP. Check it out.

What inspired Miami Drowned?

After bouncing around through countless basement bands in my area, I learned only I could really know what I felt while writing songs, and even that wasn’t guaranteed. One day, I came across a hypothetical article of what could happen in cities such as Miami if climate change continued at the rate that it is right now. All I remember is the closing line of that article was, “All we will remember is that Miami Drowned,” and I decided to lift that phrase and transform it into a device under which to make music.

With Old Blood being your debut release, what led up to it? Were you involved with music previously or is this your first foray into it?

My main means for expressing myself and attempting to make sense of everything has always been music, both through listening and making it. If I came up with a riff or lyric or melody anywhere, I’d sing it into my phone or just replay it in my head until I got home for the day. Old Blood is a compilation of all of these misplaced thoughts, finally organized, or as well as they can be. I’d never been able to create music the way I wanted to until I did it on my own now, so I’m happy to say that this is my first official foray into making music.

What was the writing process like for the EP and where did you record it?

With Old Blood, there was no dedicated writing process. It was just a matter of collecting my past up until this point and distilling it to the most important moments and emotions. There are iterations of the EP with three songs, six songs, even nine songs. The longer I listened to them, the more sure I was that these five tracks that made the EP give the best representation of where my head is at after coming to terms with all of these events. The recording process was similarly scatterbrained. Whenever I had time, I’d sit down to record a rhythm, lead, or vocal track in my room, just sitting on my bed.

What is one thing you’d like people to take away from your music?

If you take away anything, take away this: life is ephemeral. You will love and live and die inside countless times in a single year, let alone the course of your entire life. Figure out what is important and what isn’t, and do away with the latter.

What’s the music scene like in Miami? Is it easy to get gigs around there and spread the word about your music?

Miami has a pretty vibrant music scene. There are quiet, independently-owned coffee shops and bookstores all over the place (especially in the Coral Gables area), and for the most part, they’re open to letting newcomers share their art with the rest of the world. However, being 17 has its drawbacks; since the majority of the bigger venues are 18 and over, I have to sneak my way through for another year. Like with any other scene, the right connections and personality, along with good music, will get you the gigs you want.

Where can our readers follow you?

You can find me on Instagram, Twitter (@miamidrowned for both), SoundCloud (, Bandcamp (, and even on Facebook (