Interview: OhBree

Photo Credit: Emily Dubin

Andrew Scott of OhBree took some time to answer questions about the band, the Philadelphia music scene, and more. Check out the full interview and a live video below.

When OhBree first started, did you know it would be an eight piece band?

I think I knew it would be a larger size! When I first started writing music with the name OhBree it had horns on it. I actually played trumpet on the first demos I recorded (which sounded awful). I don’t think I knew we’d expand to eight members, but I love the sound we can get with all of us on stage!

How would you say you bring the sounds and ideas of all eight members together?

When I first bring music to the band it’s pretty simple. Just some block chords, a melody, and some lyrics. Generally we end up turning these ideas into real fleshed out songs in the studio while we’re tracking – and then we have to go back and learn them all over again for the live performance. When we lay down the foundation in the studio we’re able to give everyone in the band the chance to take their time – hear where the song is at – and where they can fit in. Then our drummer, Adam, works his sweet producer magic to keep the songs interesting and weird.

As one fellow Drexel alum to another, do you think that scene around the school and Philly in general really helped to make the band what it is today?

Heyooooooooo Drexel! I think so! In college, the Philly DIY venue scene was so supportive and so bonkerz. I remember playing to hundreds of kids in warehouses and basements – and things always got out of hand – in a good way. I think having the ability to play so many live shows to such enthusiastic philly audiences gave us the chance to all really understand the high energy personality of the band. The sarcastic depressing goofiness of it all caught on with everyone quickly, as well. Plus we got the chance to learn each other’s fortes – and how we could incorporate them into our tunes.

Being in Boston while the rest of the band is in Philly, how did you go about writing and recording the upcoming record?

This was a bit of a challenge, but I think the band has such a great understanding of our sound and personality that we didn’t always have to be in the same room to work on the tunes. I would work on structures, lyrics, and keyboard parts up in Boston – Travel down to Philly about twice a month and get all of my own tracking done. From there we were able to send music back and forth and build up the songs. Still, I think I’ve averaged about 25-30 hours of driving per month for the band, haha – needless to say I’m really getting into podcasts (Welcome to Nightvale and Comedy Bang Bang 4 lyfe).

Has working at a PR company helped you understand more aspects of what being in a band means?

Absolutely! Being in a band is a lot of work. You have to take every opportunity handed to you and run with it. Doing publicity for years now has shown me what, besides music, a band needs to be doing in order to stay active. There’s so much more than playing shows and releasing music that you need to focus on in order to express who you are as musicians. You have to be three dimensional and prove that you’re a real human who can connect with other real humans about all the things that make up your personality.

Once the album is out, what else can we expect from the band in 2017?

We are going to be playing as many shows as we can! Plus we’ll be releasing a point and click adventure story game that accompanies our whole discography, and includes a lot of the characters we’ve sung about (and even some stop-motion animation!). Keep an eye out for that one!

Thanks for your time! Where can our readers keep up with the band?

We got lots of great places to keep up to date – website and Facebook will always have the most recent stuff!