Review: Legion S01E05: Chapter 5

Photo Credit: Michelle Faye/FX

Legion takes us through destruction, chaos, and mystery this week. The episode heavily involves D3 and David getting his sister out of there. The show continues to progress while giving us no real inking of where it will end up. Since the show first started, I’ve been going back and digging into Legion some more. X-Men: Legacy relaunched in 2012 and focused on David Haller. The comic is written by Simon Spurrier and it’s a good place to start if you’re looking to learn more about the character. However, the two don’t seem to be directly related, at least not right now.

Melanie is aware that David met her husband and naturally, she’s curious about him. Wanting her husband back could end up being the main reason she wants David to stick around, even though she’s been saying it’s so that they can win the war. During the conversation with Melanie, David is well aware of his powers and uses them to read her mind. It’s brief, but he’s showing more confidence at it’s looking like it’s not for the best reasons. He’s almost mocking her as he talks about Oliver.

A lot happens with David in this episode, so the next part to talk about is saving his sister. He’s already stated that he’ll be doing it no matter what and his true powers come out at D3. He merely moves his hands and snaps his fingers to destroy everyone. Dr. Kissinger is the only man left in tact and Ptonomy and Syd choose to leave him locked up. Melanie is accompanied by Rudy, who takes her to the security room. This is where David is seen in action. He knows he’s being watched and puts on a show for the cameras. His ego gets the best of him in the first half of the episode and the worst comes out in him.

Photo Credit: Michelle Faye/FX

The effects and cinematography used just for the D3 portion of the episode is outstanding. There’s so much detail put into every move made on this show. Following the characters around the place is something that seems so simple, but still calls for attention to detail. Without words, the cinematography allows us to know what the characters are feeling by using just the right angles so that we see what they see.

The devil with the yellow eyes and the angry boy make appearances in disturbing fashion. The group is starting to put it together that the devil with the yellow eyes is the one doing the damage. The Eye also does his fair share of damage, or tries to anyway. Once the episode goes away from D3, it takes a couple of twists and turns to get us to the end. There’s a scene where no one can hear each other and it increases the suspense. Lenny scares Syd, The Eye tries to kill David, and in the end, we have no clue what is actually happening.

This episode is worth watching simply for the ending. It gives us further knowledge of what David is capable of and to what extent he’s willing to go. The show brings the unexpected each episode and keeps you on the edge of your seat. All that’s left to say for this episode is that it’s David’s world and we’re all just living in it.