Review: Legion S01E04: Chapter 4

Photo Credit: FX

“Chapter 4” of Legion opens with a speech from a man we have not seen up until this point. This episode continues to keep the same vibe as the previous three episodes, but it offers up some crucial information. David remains under sedation for the majority of the episode, so it was nice to see a lot more of the supporting characters for this episode.

Cary and Kerry get some more screen time than usual and there’s a good story there. Kerry lives inside of Cary and she only ages when she is outside of his body, which makes sense considering the visible age gap. When Kerry begins fighting a ton of men with guns, we see Cary’s movement mimicking what is happening to her. It’s an interesting segment to take a look at because this is the only time we see it. Is it something that only happens when one of them is in danger? It’s hard to believe that Cary was just wandering around Summerland in the same motions as Kerry while she’s out with Ptonomy and Syd.

Photo Credit: FX

One of the other important things we learn this episode is that David’s power allows him to hide his memories. Kissinger and Amy are both held prisoner by The Eye and Kissinger tells Amy that David constantly talked about the dog they owned as kids. Amy tells him they never had a dog and this allows the audience insight into what portions of his memories he’s changing. Syd, Ptonomy, and Kerry search for what it is he’s hiding and start to piece it together that he’s hiding quite a bit. It turns out Lenny is really a man named Benny in real life and that seems to just be the tip of it. What else is David hiding?

To backtrack a bit, Oliver is a new character who starts off the episode with a speech and appears again in a dive suit. He coaxed David into his fictional ice box for an awkward encounter. Oliver is Melanie’s late husband who is kept in a freezer on site. There’s clearly a lot more to this character and it will be interesting to see if they decide to move forward with it. Melanie talked about him in the previous episode so there’s definitely potential there.

Towards the end of the episode is when we see the big twist for the episode. The Eye disguises himself as Doctor Poole and tricks Ptonomy, Syd, and Kerry into the trap. To his surprise, however, he underestimates Syd and she does a body swap with him. This is the motivation that David needs to snap out of it and go help. It’s not a pleasant ending with Kerry being shot by The Eye, but it’s an effective one. It shows just how much David cares about Syd and how that is also potentially detrimental to everyone around him.

There’s a ton of good information that comes from this episode. Legion gives itself a lot of different directions it can go in. It’s also brave of them to have an episode that focuses much less on David this soon into the season. Overall, this was an enjoyable episode and I can’t wait to see what comes next.