Review: Legion S01E02: Chapter 2

Photo Credit: Michelle Faye/FX

This week’s episode of Legion starts with a montage of men looking for David Haller as he gets away. Melanie Bird takes him back to a place called Summerland, which is a pro-mutant facility. When they get there, she walks him through turning down the voices inside his head. It’s clear that she wants to put his powers to use and she believes he is the one who can end the war.

Memory work is a main focus in this episode. Ptonomy is the resident memory artist who can take you and walk you through your memories. The first time him and Melanie walk him through, he experiences a spectrum of emotions. Dan Stevens does an excellent job acting out these various emotions. He gets excited when he sees his sister and his mom, but when his dad is reading to him, that’s when he starts to freak out.

The main people in David’s life are the women we see throughout this episode. Syd, being his girlfriend, is the reason he wants to be a better person. From the moment he saw her, he spent his time trying to be just that. With Lenny, he’s able to simply be himself with his delusions and all. There’s a moment in this episode where he sees her after his therapy session and they end up getting high together. He’s able to let loose for better or worse. His sister is the one who has known him the longest and spends a lot of time visiting him when he’s in the various hospitals. She’s the one that really keeps him grounded and makes him want to act like he doesn’t have his powers. He sees her and is brought back to a sense of normalcy. Then, we have Melanie Bird who most recently enters his life and is almost like a mother figure to him. She knows what he has inside him and she wants him to embrace it.

Photo Credit: Michelle Faye/FX

Sad and David have a few conversations this episode that focus on their relationship. When they meet out on the swings, Syd apologizes for killing Lenny and explains to David what it was like to be him. He goes on to say that they have a “romance of the mind” and it’s fitting. You can see in David’s face just how much he cares for her. He wants to hug her, but she tells him he can’t and that allows for this relationship to keep things intriguing between them.

The final focus of this episode is when David is in the MRI machine and he sees his sister going to the hospital to visit him. She gets the run around of there being no records of David or his doctor. The Eye, who was looking for David to start the episode, finds her. There’s panic on David’s face as he sees this all unfolding. This episode pulls David in various directions and he handles it about as well as you’d expect.

Like the first episode, the cinematography is great. The shots and cuts allow you to get more insight into what it’s like being inside David’s head. Even the special effects help with this. When you put them all together, it’s really what brings the whole show together. Legion has impressed in both episodes. This one slowed things down just enough to get a better grasp on David’s situation and what he means to the mutant world. “Chapter 2” is satisfying and still keeps us wondering what will happen next. There’s a lot of depth to these character, especially David, and it seems there are endless possibilities for where this show can go.