Interview: Dune Rats

Dune Rats have been coming up with creative ways to promote their music. Recently, Danny Beusa took time to answer a handful of questions about the band and their latest release. Check it out below.

When did you first start working on the upcoming album?

About two years ago, it’s taken fuckin’ ages but well worth it!

Is there a favorite moment you have from the recording process? 

Yeah when Zac nearly walked into a Cross Spider one night hanging out the back. He was off the back from then onwards and would go out there at night.

When did you get the idea to do a web series and where did that inspiration come from?

We realised we loved touring and playing shows more than recording music early on, so always being away, we weren’t recording that much but still wanted to give the people following us something new every month. We had the idea to do a series and once we met Vorn he just understood our humour and then Dunies TV just formed.

What led to the interactive video for “Scott Green”? How did it feel hitting over 100k views on it?

Tony Harlow who runs Warner in Aus said we should do it, he’s normally right about shit so we did it. We’re stoked he’s got our back and always gives us advice.

Thanks for your time! Where can our readers keep up with you?

Facebook is pretty popular. Oh and Instagram.