Interview: FS

FS will be releasing You, Of All People on February 24th. Josh and Walter took some time to chat with me about the band, the release, and more. Check out the full interview below.

Hey, how are you guys doing today?

Walter: Doing pretty good so far heading to practice afterwards so thats alway something to look forward to.

Josh: Awesome! Beautiful weather in NC today. Strange for February but I’ll take it.

Nice! I can never really complain about SoCal weather hah. Where did you guys come up with the simple name of F S for the band? Does it stand for anything?

Walter: It comes from the term “frontside” as it applies to skateboarding. We were all out skating years ago, and we were in need of a name for our band. We ended up going with the abbreviation cause we thought it was neat. This was about 8 years ago.

That’s cool. I used to be a huge skateboarding fan even though I was horrible at it. Did skateboarding ever influence the type of music you listened to or what type of music you wanted to play?

Josh: Of course,Vans Samplers and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater soundtrack was my jam. Naturally being associated with punk rock, music and skateboarding went hand in hand for us.

Yes! Those Tony Hawk soundtracks were great. I used to play those games a ton. You mention the band starting 8 years ago, how did the two of you meet and when did you know you both wanted to start a band?

Walter: We all met through the little skate scene we had going on in Wilson, NC. We all had an interest in playing music, but not very much talent to accompany that. It started out as us just doing a couple AFI and Misfits covers, but then eventually led into us writing some original stuff. I recall when it started out that Josh was our lead singer, and I was the bass player, haha.

Josh: My how things have changed. For the better!

Yeah it seems a lot of bands start out playing some covers until they find their own voice. And speaking of your own voice, you recently announced You, Of All People and that will be out on February 24th. What was the writing and recording process like for that?

Josh: Our writing process is always a collaborative live effort that occurs in a storage unit in the heart of NC. Ideas get tossed around and developed until they are just right. As far as the recording process, this was not our first time working with producer John Harrell (Sound Barn, Kinston, NC) so the recording was as casual as it gets.

I’ve never heard of bands doing their writing in a storage unit. What spurred that?

Walter: Well, it’s not ALL done there. A lot of times I’ll be at my house and discover a riff or melody that I deem fit for a verse or chorus. Once this has been found, I’ll take it to the guys, and at that point the collaborative effort begins. Which, in turn, presses the song to completion. The storage unit doubles as a practice space for us.

Nice. It’s still an interesting space! With this release, how would you say the band has progressed from the last release?

Walter: Honing in on our live sound is always something that can be improved upon, and we continue to make improvements in that department. We are planning on a big record release party to celebrate the new release as well as some tour plans for late March playing in some of our favorite cities in the east coast, as well as some new ones along the way.

Once the tour is over with, how will you guy be spending your time? What is it you do when you aren’t working on your music?

Walter: As a band, we’ll still be trying to make some solid weekenders happen even after the tour. We’re also in talks with a couple of different folks about getting some music videos out to support the EP.

Josh: Outside of music we enjoy eating the bests foods and having a drink together. We are not just a group of people who get together to play music, but more so some great friends who just so happen to play music together. We’ve been known to get in our fair share of trouble.

Nice, sounds like you know how to have a fun time. I’m sure it makes working together as a band a much smoother process, too. What are you looking forward to most with the new EP release coming up?

Walter: I’m most excited to see how far it’s able to reach. With Cheers & Fears, when I look at our geographical “heat map”, there are some folks over seas that have downloaded our music. We’ve even shipped a couple physical copies as well. Considering we’ve never come close to playing there, it’s a thrill seeing all the different walks of life we are able to reach!

There was a bit of a gap between the two releases, is there any particular reason for that?

Walter: As much as we would love to have our focus be on music, we must pay rent. If we were able to devote the same amount of time to music as we do our jobs which keep us afloat financially, we would be popping out new stuff all the time. Unfortunately, we are where we are in life, and doing music full-time is just not sustainable for the time being. It would take a huge commitment from many people to make that dream a reality, and my hope is that we are able to reach that point, sooner than later.

That’s absolutely understandable. That wraps up everything I have for you. Thanks for taking the time to chat! Where’s the best place for our readers to follow the band?

All of our music and merch can be easily purchased through our Bandcamp, To keep track of shows and everything else we announce, our Facebook page,, is the best place to find that. Thank you very much!