Interview: Iris Jupiter

Photo Credit: Allix Johnson

Iris Jupiter are a new band in the Orange County music scene. They just released their self-titled album and took some time to answer out questions. Check out the interview below.

Being a relatively new band, have you found it intimidating to jump into the SoCal music scene?

It’s been more exciting than intimidating. We’re pretty familiar with our local network from performing in other projects and throwing shows. We’ve taken a genuine route and put on shows with our friends and favorite local bands at our favorite spots.

What’s it like knowing that there are so many different places to play, even just locally?

I mean, are there? Haha, I don’t know.

Is there one thing in particular you enjoy about the music scene here?

The people. We’ve gotten really close to our friends in the So Cal area from shows together. We’re happy that we can play with bands we’ve come close to like Noyes, Sheer, Kevin Nichols, Casual Friday and Treeshaker.

Let’s talk about the self-titled album. What was the recording process like for that?

It went pretty quickly. Some of the drum and vocal tracks were done in single takes. Alex Estrada doesn’t bullshit at Earth Capital. He engineered the recording pretty quickly and efficiently. We used his JMP to double rhythm guitar, which is actually a subtle but effective second track to thicken the guitars. I was also pretty impressed with how the vocals came out with simply an SM58 and my wet signal running through my vocal overdrive set up after tweaking all the AM radio out of the recording. Oh, and now that i think of it, I can’t help but think I hear a phone ringing in part of Carly Beth each time I hear it. Decide for yourself.

We were able to stay in Highland Park at what we call The Coke House. It’s a big house with a pool and three stories which houses a bunch of college students. It looks like a lot of coke is hidden in the walls of the house. DISCLAIMER No actually illegal drugs that we know of. It’s got that retro, Pulp Fiction, LA crime house look and feel to it. We celebrated our buddy Jack’s birthday there the day we got our first mix. It was a sick weekend and it’s always a favorite spot for us to squat.

How was the release show at VLHS?

We had a blast. Our Compton boiz, Coke House Friends and local fam came out and we got to play with some of our favorite locals. I’m glad we’ll be back there April 2nd with The Spirit of the Beehive.

With the album coming out early in the year, what can we expect for the rest of 2017?

The least you can expect is some more tour dates. Hit us up to play your town, we’re probably down to clown.

Thanks for your time! Where is the best place for our readers to keep up with the band?

Our website, it honestly has everything there and links to every other internet source for us. Easy stuff.

You can find Allix Johnson on Instagram.