Interview: Greyface

Greyface recently took some time to answer our questions about the start of their career, where they go next, and more. Check it out below along with a stream of “Delilah.”

Two of you began your musical careers playing together in South Florida. Were you part of the hardcore/punk/metal scene in the late-‘90s?

Not so much as a band; we were a bit too young to know what we were doing or to be taken seriously by anyone, but we were super fans of some of the local bands back then.

What lead to the change to more guitar-driven alt-rock from that?

The honest answer to this is that it’s been 20 years of growing as a musician which sounds so dismissive.

You guys have been playing music together since you were teenagers. How was your first band together different from this one?

Hopefully we’re slightly better than we were way back when. When we were kids we just played loud, aggressive stuff because it was all we were capable of. I also used to take the circuit board out of a Crate combo-amp and would hand-wire it to a 4×12” cabinet before every show because I didn’t have a proper amp. There would be sparks and fires and I just thought it was the most fantastically stupid and wonderful thing. It took us awhile to mature and I guess now we’re slightly better musicians and have slightly better equipment. Jutty has really developed his focus to serving the song and the vocal melodies while I’ve progressively become more and more lost in making sounds and atmospheric things. I’m the guy that is always trying to put more drones and room tones on songs when everyone else is already happy with the recording.

What influences can we expect to hear on Greyola?

Half of the songs on the album were completely improvised at the start: from the drums, bass, and guitar parts, to the melodies and the lyrics. They all came out of one night of playing together and recording what we came up with. We made very, very small changes when we properly recorded the album versions, even the other songs we wrote would be laid down in as few as 1-2 takes so it kept that un-filtered feel. So looking back on that, I hear things I do on guitar as tributes to bands like Blonde Redhead, Regulator Watts, maybe some Pixies?? I think some early-‘80s U2 somehow snuck in when nobody was looking… I don’t really know who our true influences are. Some people close to us say they hear all these influences from the Beatles to ‘90s alternative stuff. I think we’re just trying to be honest with the sound of who the three of us are when we get together. That’s such a cliché but I feel like we put our money where our mouth is by actually improvising half of the record and then going in to cut the songs without changing things too much, if at all.

What all do you have planned around the release? Will you be touring?

We’re swimming in videos and second-album ideas already. We’re thinking we may just start putting out videos for at least a few songs on the record as the album comes out. I’m wrapping my head around serving a concept for a video as well as staying true to the candid/improv nature of the album. We have some shows coming up in L.A. and we’ve been discussing doing a Spring/Summer tour as just the 3 of us. We’ve usually played live as a 5-piece so the thought of making it work as just the 3 core members is appealing. Hopefully there will be some international Greyface action this fall.

What expectations do you have for yourselves as a band?

We’re obsessed with the album format. It’s not popular anymore, but it’s not dead. People still like getting stoned and listening to entire albums but we need to increase those numbers. We’re working towards someday making the perfect headphone album… Or maybe just a really, really good one.

Thanks for answering our questions. Where can our readers follow you?

@greyfacetheband on Instagram. You can find us on Facebook as well if you want to catch us acting out once every few months, but they make you pay to engage with your audience so we try to avoid it.


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