Interview: Faulkner

Faulkner have been making some waves lately and we took some time to ask about their music, their plans, and more. Check out the answers from Dimitri Farougias below.

Back in 2013, could you have imagined the band being where it is today?

No, not really. We’re focused on what we do today and today alone. We have no idea what the future holds so we don’t bother with it.

You are a bi-coastal band, has that provided some challenges when working on new material?

When it comes to putting new material together we usually choose to all meet in one of the coasts so the bi-coastal nature of our band at least with regards to that is not an issue.

What is your process like for writing music?

It starts with a basic idea and vision from Lucas Asher and then the band starts working on it individually and collectively. Writing parts, putting arrangements together, throwing around production ideas etc. It’s quite painless and fun. Everyone knows exactly what they’re supposed to bring to the table.

How did you end up working with RZA on your last EP?

We reached out to him everyday for 6 months.

What can your fans expect from you in 2017? A tour? More music?

Both. A full album and many shows. Also, a new killer collaboration with one of our favorite Detroit MCs.

Are there any goals you’ve set as a band that you have yet to hit?

Again, we take things as they come day by day so we try to stay away from setting up any specific goals. There’s a general artistic direction we like to take things to and that’s about it.

Thanks for your time! Where can our readers follow you?

Thank you!! You can find us at