Interview: The Brevet

The Brevet will be touring the west coast in a couple of weeks and they took some time to answer our questions recently. We cover their EP Embers, the SoCal music scene, and much more. Check it out below.

When did the band first get together to make some music?

Aric: Michael and I had been writing together since childhood, but it wasn’t until after college that we met David and started developing The Brevet.

What was it like coming up in the SoCal music scene?

A: Really great! SO many really awesome bands have come out of here so, as a kid, it was inspiring to see.

Embers was released in August, what was the process behind that?

A: We really just continued doing what we’ve been doing! We are fortunate to have our own studio where we write, mix, and master everything on our own. Embers helped us mature a bit. We played around with writing on different instruments first.

Was it a surreal feeling when you first heard your music would be played on national TV?

A: It was unbelievable… It still is! Hahah.

You’re starting off 2017 with a tour, what else can your fans expect from you this year?

A: We will be releasing a few singles as we go this year as well as a few secrets that I can’t tell yet! SHHH!

With so many venues to choose from in SoCal, do you have a favorite one to play? How about outside of SoCal?

A: We don’t fully yet. We have very memorable ones like opening for The Airborne Toxic Event at The Observatory in Santa Ana!

What are you looking forward to most while you’re out on tour?

A: Meeting people who are fans in different and new cities for the first time.

Thanks for your time! Where can our readers follow you?

A: They can check out our Instagram – @thebrevet, our Twitter – @thebrevet and Facebook –