The Rumjacks Break Down Their Album and Share Influences

The Rumjacks took the time to give us some nice, one sentence descriptions for each song on their album, Sleeping’ Rough. They also shared a playlist of the artists and songs that influenced them during the making of the album. Check out the track-by-tack and the playlist below.

  1. Patron Saint o’ Thieves
    A Christmas song from a whole other perspective, for anyone seperated from their loved ones, physically, mentally, either by their own design or otherwise.

  2. Zielona Gora
    A postcard song from our first tour of Europe, and an homage to the incredible hospitality of the Polish people.

  3. A Fistful o’ Roses
    A comment on the strangulation of inner city neighborhood communities in the name of ‘progress’.

  4. Fact’ry Jack
    Pearls of wisdom from a sparkly eyed old barfly.. one of the last of his kind.

  5. Eight Beers McGee
    A true story of the tough life & tragic end of one young man,.. so that perhaps his name at least might live on.

  6. Murder Shanty
    A song about the passing of the seasons & the cycle of life.

  7. Les Darcy
    An unbeliever quizzes his local priest with a view to securing the future of his eternal soul.

  8. Dead To Me
    A short sharp good riddance to dead wood & poisonous folk.

  9. WKND (Flash New Breeks)
    A raging tribute to the two most sacred days of a workers week.

  10. Kathleen
    Named for Frankies Mother, this song’s a tribute to all our parents & their sacrifices for us and each other.

  11. Them Fallen
    A big heart fallen on tough times, and a confronting reminder that it could happen to any of us on any given day.

  12. The Pot & Kettle
    An ‘urban parable’ drawn from the old adage ‘The pot calling the kettle black.’

And here is the playlist of influences: