Interview: Heavy Tides

heavy tides

Heavy Tides is the solo project of Danny Palladino. He just released yeah, sure. and took some time to answer questions about the EP and more. Check it out below.

When did you first get your start in music?

I first started taking a serious interest in music during my freshman year of high school. I had been playing alto saxophone in school band since the 4th grade, and my folks had gotten me my first guitar in either 5th or 6th grade. During high school was when I started taking choir, devoting a lot more time to guitar rather alto sax and started jamming with other kids I went to school with. I was in a few bands in high school, but it wasn’t until my junior year till I felt I was comfortable adequate to start playing solo out in public.

What made you decide to go acoustic with Heavy Tides as opposed to a full band?

Heavy Tides was originally just a moniker that I wanted to release some acoustic covers on the internet. I eventually started using songs that I was writing for another project at the time that I felt were too personal to share with other people until they were completed rather than bringing snippets or ideas to the table. I soon found myself writing more personal than collaborative songs and that’s when Heavy Tides became a full-time project. Keeping it acoustic probably won’t be forever, as I’ve been falling more and more in love with this new Strat I just bought.

Do you find you enjoy all aspects of songwriting, or is there one specific part you enjoy the most?

I find myself enjoying the resolution, or knowing that I’ve successfully conveyed what I wanted too, that comes after I finish a song. Most of them, if not all, are very personal and detailed of what I’m going through at the time of writing. A close second to that are those rare moments where I’m either driving or at work (doing something completely unrelated to songwriting) and something just clicks in my head, and I start rattling out lyrics. It sounds weird, but those random bursts of songwriting have been some of my favorite songs I’ve written.

What was your thought process while writing yeah, sure.?

Well, one of the songs, “Apart,” I wrote awhile ago, and it never had a home. I found it fit well into the theme I had going for this after I had started the other songs. “Alright” was one I had started during the beginning months of a bad breakup. Once things inevitably took a turn for the worse, that song pretty much finished itself. “Spinning,” the first song on the EP, I wrote the night before I recorded it. I had another song I originally planned to record, but practicing it the night before, it felt forced, and I didn’t want to put anything out that I didn’t truly believe in. I had a riff that I had been fiddling around for a while, and an idea of a how I wanted a new song to be, so I let everything come naturally, off the cuff, and it worked out.

What genres do you draw influences from?

I draw a lot of influence from; I guess you would say mid to current 2000’s emo (the emo revival as Pitchfork would deem it) and folky singer/songwriters. My top 3 artists that I would say have shaped this Heavy Tides project would be Dallas Green of City and Colour, Evan Weiss of Into It. Over It., and John Mayer. I know that the last one is a bit of curveball from where I said I draw my genre influences from, but I think John Mayer is one of the best songwriters and guitar players of the current generation. I draw a lot from him because I feel all my songs are personal, much like more of his b side tracks, and are almost 100% of the time about exactly what I’m going through at the time of writing. Mostly, they’re all sad and about heartbreak. I’m not sure what else to say about that other than I guess I have bad luck with relationships.

What’s next for you? Any plans set for 2017 yet?

As of right now, I have a few shows lined up, and I’m looking to get back into the studio as soon as possible to work on my next project! The tail end of 2016 I felt was great for me, music wise, and I want to keep that hustle and determination going into 2017. I’m also in the works of moving to Nashville, which I’m planning to do by late spring, early summer!

Thanks for your time! Where can out readers follow you?

You can stream/buy my music on my Bandcamp,, like my Facebook page,, and follow me on Instagram and Twitter, @heavytidesny. Thank y’all so much!