Interview: MEGA PIXEL

MEGA PIXEL took some time to answer questions about being a new band, working on their new EP, and more. You can check out the full interview below.

What’s it like forming a band in 2016 knowing that the music industry seems to be constantly changing?

It is really exciting. We are looking at as an opportunity to grow, but also to learn.  The EP is a testament to the fact that you don’t need to be signed to a major label to be heard.  Artists are constantly coming up with new ways to be heard and we are just happy to be apart of it.  We feel that MEGA PIXEL has a lot to bring to the table.  More than our sound, this project is about healthy interaction with the masses on a product/consumer level. We are figuring out ways to connect our fans with our music on a deeper level than just listing to the audio. We want to function an immersive platform of sorts. We’re just trying to use as many tools as possible right now.

What brought the band member together and how do your various influences contribute to your sound? How would you describe your sound to someone who has never listened to the band?

MEGA PIXEL was born out of a few writing sessions between the two of us (Ben and Dave).  We were working on a few records for each other’s albums and decided to join forces for a new project entirely.  After we had some demos down, we brought Ronnie in to add that extra flare in the drum production. Since all of us have a completely different sound in our individual careers, there’s a lot that influences us.  We have a group message thread that we are constantly using to share various inspirations back and forth.  Our sound is like a mix of The Chainsmokers, Gym Class Heroes, Maroon 5, Macklemore & RL and a little Kendrick.

What was the recording process like for ‘Closer’?

Making ‘Closer’ was a blast.  There was no financial help, deadlines, or creative direction from a label so we got to experiment and let the sound develop naturally.  We wrote, recorded and produced each of the four records between Ben and Ronnie’s home studios in Dayton.  Once we had the production figured out we started to define each track’s tonal elements, highlighting the contextual ideas and figuring out how to drive the message home in 3(ish) minutes.  We didn’t set out to sound like anybody or follow any specific guidelines, we just did whatever felt natural. We got to step out of our respective comfort zones, and it felt really fresh.

What has this first year been like for the band?

So far, the first year has been about planting seeds.  We don’t want to be the band that posts every three hours about the same four songs thinking that we are hammering our music into people’s heads.  Aside from reaching out to people who are on the same indie-hustle as us, we’ve been letting it grow at its own rate.  We all have our own individual fan-base so it’s been cool to see how people are reacting to the EP.

What can we expect from you in 2017? Looking to do a full length?

Right now all we have planned for 2017 is SXSW, as well as some proper “release shows” for the EP in the midwest.  We’re not too focused on doing a full-length just yet because there is still so much left in ‘Closer’ – we’ve barely scratched the surface.  We have some really great multi-media visuals in the works and hope that fellow artists will take advantage of the goodies on our website.  Currently we have all of the individual stems for each song available for free download, and we’re hoping to see some dope remixes come to life from people all over the world. The

Thanks for your time! Where can our readers keep up with the band?

Thank you!  The place to hear our tunes & watch upcoming vids, read the lyrics and our burgeoning blog is our new website: People can reach us on Twitter @megapixelband, @megapixeltheband on instagram and Facebook. We are branding ourselves distinctly as “MEGA PIXEL” in two words instead of one, so just google that shit!