Review: Fossil Youth – ‘A Glimpse of Self Joy’

fyWhen I first finished giving A Glimpse of Self Joy a listen, I knew it would likely make its way onto my end of the year list. After another listen, I was positive it would be on the list. Intertwined With You is the EP that really got me into the band. It was only a matter of time before Fossil Youth graced us with a full-length.

The album starts off with “Watercolor Daydream” and you’re instantly left with a sense of maturity from the band. Scottie Noonan is an excellent songwriter and you couldn’t ask for a better guy to be fronting this band. The songs hit you with punchy guitars and clever lyrics. A lot of albums will have songs that get dubbed as “skip songs,” but I didn’t have any of those on this album. It’s a solid listen through and through.

“Late Night Swim” was released as a single and became an instant favorite on the album. It’s catchy and packed with a ton of emotion, both lyrically and musically. There are songs of all varying lengths on this release and that makes it a great listen. You’ll get a couple of longer songs, some regular length songs and quite a bit that run under three minutes. It gives the album a nice variety and allows the band to show off how well they can handle not sticking to one pace.

Overall, this album has me really impressed. Fossil Youth is a band you should be listening to, and if you aren’t then they’re one you should keep an eye on. Great things can come from this band and I look forward to whatever they come up with next.