Review: All Get Out – ‘Nobody Likes A Quitter’

allgetoutYou know those bands that slip by you and you don’t find about them until later in their careers? For me, All Get Out is just one of those bands. The band is fronted by singer/songwriter Nathan Hussey. He first released the band’s self-titled EP back in 2008. When Bad Timing Records reissued The Season and released Movement, All Get Out jumped onto my radar, and I’m sure glad that happened.

I gave Movement a listen when it came out and realized I had been missing out on some great songwriting paired with great music. That then prompted me to go listen to The Season, but I haven’t made my way through the rest yet. At least that didn’t keep me from listening to Nobody Likes A Quitter. It’s the band’s second full-length, but by no means is that a reflection on all that Nathan Hussey has accomplished in the last eight years since that first EP.

The album kicks off with “Room To Talk” and it instantly hits with some harsh lyrics: “In the end you’re free to be the sum of all your failures.” While the idea of freedom is a sensible one, the harshness comes when “failures” hits to close out the thought. It’s brilliantly done and if you aren’t quite paying attention as you listen, you might miss how hard it hits.

“Home,” “Get My Cut,” and “Whatever” were all revealed before the album began streaming in full. With a ten song album, that’s a good chunk of it right there. With these three songs, it was easy to get a feel for how dynamic the album would be. Hussey just might be at the height of his songwriting with this release. The album will show signs of him questioning himself (“Why the hell am I still here?), have him feeling like a nobody, and so much more.

The acoustic closer, “Wait List,” demonstrates Hussey at his finest and most vulnerable moment. As each song goes by, it’s hard to know what to expect next, and that just might be what makes this album so interesting to listen to. It’s a beautifully crafted record and it deserves a listen whether you’ve been a fan of the band or not.

If you’re interested, grab a copy of the record here.