Review: Bayside at The Observatory (9/6/16)


Last week, Bayside made their way to Orange County to play at The Observatory. For a Tuesday night, a dedicated group of fans ventured out. The room started to fill up prior to their set, but was still decently filled for Sorority Noise and The Menzingers. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate a three band bill. This gave each band a good amount of time for their sets, with Bayside playing about an hour-and-a-half set. The Observatory was a good-sized venue for the band to play and all three bands sounded great in the room.

Being a fan of all of the bands on a bill is a huge plus for me, while attending the show. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of shows that have five or more bands set to play, so this show felt like the perfect show to attend. Sorority Noise kicked off the show and it’s safe to say that their guitarist had the most energy out of everyone. The band was definitely excited to be on this tour and they let that energy resonate with the crowd. This was even more amplified when The Menzingers came on. I was excited to see them again since I had only seen them one other time before. Fans, as well as myself, had a blast screaming out “I don’t wanna be an asshole anymore” among other great one-liners that you can find in their songs. They played a fantastic set and got the crowd ready for Bayside.

Bayside played a great mix of old and new songs. “I’ve Been Dead All Day” was one of those new songs and it made me happy that they put a focus on the new songs early in their set. Vacancy is an album I really enjoyed this year and I knew they’d be playing songs from it. I just wasn’t sure how they’d incorporate them with their prior releases. The band came out with a ton of energy and it made the performance really enjoyable. I also love how consistent the band has been over their career. It made the setlist flow very well because they didn’t really have those songs that stick out like a sore thumb in the middle of a setlist.

Naturally, the band played fan favorites like “Masterpiece” and dusted off “Just Enough To Love You,” which they apparently hadn’t played in a while. “Masterpiece” was actually one of the first songs I heard from Bayside, and it felt surreal to hear it played live. Having never seen the band, it was a treat to see them play a longer set. At the end, they didn’t waste any time with making the fans wait on the encore. Anthony Raneri came back out to do “Don’t Call Me Peanut” with just his acoustic guitar. They then closed out the show with “Devotion and Desire” as expected. Overall, it was a fun, energetic show and Bayside is a band that makes it easy to sing along with every song they play. They even did a cover of “Mr. Brightside,” which I was not expecting. It’s little things like that, that make a show memorable.