Review: The Pooches – ‘The Pooches’

the_pooches_artworkEarlier this year, The Pooches released Heart Attack. The title track from that EP is reused as the opening track for their self-titled LP. “Heart Attack” sets the tone here as it did on the EP, which was a great taste of what the band has to offer. The music focuses heavily on the guitars and vocal melody. Think Beach Boys mixed with some of the more mellow songs from The Clash. What started out as a one-man project, has become a full band effort.

The upbeat guitars fit perfectly with the catchy lyrics. “Heart Attack” starts with “There’s a glint in your eye, even though I’m not there with you,” and you instantly know how pleasant simple lyrics can be. The vocals give off a chilled out, laying on the beach kind of vibe throughout. It’s hard to deny the catchiness of these songs, which is how the general music listening population likely feels about everything played on the radio. If we went back to the 60’s, I can’t see why these songs wouldn’t be playing on the radio.

“New Years” and “Everything” are two of the notable songs on the record. “New Years” talks about the “same old things” with a focus on some relationship struggles, but it’s hard to feel sad while listening to this song. And just listen to the guitars on it, they’re fantastic. “Everything” is more introspective and focuses on essentially not wanting to be “that guy” who thinks everything is about him. It happens to be the longest song on the record, but you won’t even notice because the album flows so smoothly. You’ll just want to keep listening to it again and again since it’s so soothing.

It’s also worth noting that this band is unlike most that we hear from Lame-O Records. It’s cleaner, happier, and more relaxed than a lot of their releases. As someone who got to see the start of the label, it’s fantastic to see them adding in a variety of artists. The Pooches have been a stand out band this year, and if you haven’t listened to them yet, you most definitely should. If you’re interested, grab a copy here.