Alan Moore Retires From Comics

Alan Moore has confirmed that he will be retiring from comics in an interview with The Guardian.

At a press conference in London for his latest work, Jerusalem, a weighty novel named after William Blake’s poem exploring the history of Moore’s native Northampton through several lives, Moore said he had “about 250 pages of comics left in me”.

He added: “And those will probably be very enjoyable. There are a couple of issues of an Avatar [Press] book that I am doing at the moment, part of the HP Lovecraft work I’ve been working on recently. Me and Kevin will be finishing Cinema Purgatorio and we’ve got about one more book, a final book of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen to complete. After that, although I may do the odd little comics piece at some point in the future, I am pretty much done with comics.”

With pieces of work like V for Vendetta, Watchmen, Batman: The Killing joke, and The Saga of Swamp Thing under his belt, plus so many more, it is sad to see him go. He’s a fantastic writer and I look forward to whatever he chooses to pursue next, if anything.