Review: The Commuters – ‘Before I Was Born’

commuters_beforeiwasbornThe Commuters recently released Before I Was Born, which consists of four great songs. The title track opens the EP and makes it clear that this band is talented. The way the drums stand out, while fitting into the songs, is outstanding. Drums haven’t caught my attention as much as they did on this EP in a while. Typically the guitars immediately draw me in. That’s not to say the guitars are less enjoyable, but something about the drums just took me by surprise. “The Better Part of Me” is full of bass, which contrasts with the higher pitch of the vocals. This contrast works well and allows you to focus on both the lyrics and the beat without missing out on something.

“Pass It Along” has a catchy chorus, which the band built up to with an almost somber tone. The chorus then lifts up the song and there are plenty of high notes to be had. The vocals on this EP were fantastic throughout. Not knowing much about the band before listening, it was a pleasant surprise. “You’ll Stay Right Here” closes out the EP and begins with a solo piano. It’s a bit of a change from the more drum-heavy songs, but it shows their versatility. The vocals keep the same feel throughout and that’s really what’s key in this EP. The band is consistent and they kept the EP short and sweet. I’ll be wanting to hear more from them in the future.

If you’re interested, you can buy a copy of the EP here.