Review: The Other Stars – ‘We Were Kids’


The Other Stars recently released We Were Kids via Take This To Heart Records. The debut release runs seven songs long and that’s more than enough for the band to draw you in and make a fan out of you. At least that’s what they did to me, anyway. “You Looked Better at the Party” had me instantly hooked with the mix of the guitars and catchy vocal melody. After listen to all seven songs, which if you do listen through all seven chances are you enjoyed it, you’ll be left with wanting to hear more. “Home Is Where You Make It” was an excellent choice of a single, as it is much more than just a line from Joe Dirt in this instance. The song focuses on dealing with some hard times and how that has helped singer and guitarist, Connor Bird, become the person he is today.

“Providence” closes out We Were Kids with some acoustic guitar and raw vocals. It sounded like something you’d hear while sitting in a living room with the person playing guitar and singing. The intimate vibe provided the album with a solid ending and it’s safe to say I’ll be keeping an eye on this band. They feel like they could easily have the success that we’ve seen with bands like The Front Bottoms, which would definitely be a good thing for the band. Check this record out and if you feel so inclined, buy a copy here.