Review: Patrick Craig – ‘True Story’


From the very first track on True Story Patrick Craig shows off his astonishing talents as a songwriter. Heartfelt lines like “She says ‘Can you feel that? My fingers through your hair’ / I said ‘I feel the space you occupy when you’re not there’” set the stage and raise the bar for the rest of the album. Despite the fact that there was only one “proper” day in the studio for recording, a fact that comes through more in some songs than others, the musicianship shines through in the lyricism and delivery. In terms of genre, True Story varies from acoustic singer songwriter all the way to a more alternative punk sound. There is a definite influence from The Smiths and Morrissey, while more current comparisons fall squarely on the likes of Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties and Moose Blood.

Often throughout listening to this album I found myself imagining how it would translate to live performance. This is the type of music that lends itself to an intimate location such as a coffee shop, dimly lit bar, or up close and personal concert hall. The nuances of songs come out in these settings with discussion between songs and audience interaction often adding to the experience. No song on this album is easier to see coming alive in person than “Fighter.” The audience catching on and joining in on the repeated line, “You are so much stronger than this,” gaining intensity each time is something that would surely send chills down your spine. While these are great songs on their own and in the context of the album, they would surely become something even more special live.

As the title of the album suggests, all of these songs are deeply connected to their writer. The running theme is the idea of examining who you are in relation to your surroundings; how both of those things work together while constantly changing. Being able to peek behind the curtains a person is not a unique idea, especially in songwriting, but the fact that every person is different allows for each instance to be a new experience. Patrick Craig’s clear knack for storytelling and ability to suck listeners into his world makes True Story an immersive, emotional album while giving fans something to look forward too as he continues to grow as an artist.

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