Interview: The Anthem

The Anthem hail from Italy and generously took some time to answer questions about their new single, the music scene in Italy, and more. Check it out below.

It’s not every day I get to interview a band from Italy. Where in Italy are you from and what’s the music scene like there?

We’re all from the Rome area, the scene here is not so good in the last years to be honest. There used to be a lot of bands and venues and a great support by the people, but in the past 4-5 years lots of bands broke up, lots of venues closed and it seems like people lost some interest in “alternative” bands.

You’ve done some extensive touring in Europe with American band like All Time Low and The Maine, do you have plans to come to the US and play some shows?

That would be a dream, almost all the music we listen to comes from the US so having the chance to play shows there would be a huge goal.

Being from Italy, do you find breaking into the US market to be a challenge? 

Of course it is, I think it’s a very hard challenge. USA has a ton of great bands, so I believe you must have something very special to be noticed, and this is amplified if you’re from abroad, cause you won’t have the support of a local fanbase. We’re currently trying to promote our music in the US to see if we have a chance.

How has the general reception for your single, “Like You’re James Dean,” been?

I’d say “great,” we had 100% positive feedback both from fans and people from the music business. We also hit national radio in Italy for the first time, which is a great conquer for a non-mainstream band.

What does it take to get shows in various countries in Europe? Are there many language barriers when touring there?

I think you have to promote yourself in the places you want to tour before playing the shows so you can have a meaningful feedback. We never found language barriers in central Europe as people speak English quite well. We found more trouble in Russia and eastern Europe, and Japan of course. But someway you always manage to be understood.

Are you still working with Bullion Records for this new release?

Yes both our albums, High Five and In It To Win It have been released in Japan by Bullion Records, they work really hard for their bands and we’re glad to be in the family.

What European bands should music fans in the US be paying attention to?

There’s a new band from Austria, called Hunger, they’re very good guys and amazing artists.

After the album release, what are your plans for the rest of 2016?

Playing shows, wherever we can get. We’d love to tour Japan and Asia again, and maybe we’ll get a call from the US, who knows?

Thanks for your time. Where can out readers follow you?

Thank you!

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