Review: ‘Green Lantern Corps: Lost Army’ by Cullen Bunn

Green Lantern Corps: Lost Army collects the entire mini series into one volume. Cullen Bunn wrote the miniseries and Jesus Saiz was the main artist . This was the first time I had read anything from Cullen Bunn, who I’ve heard some good things about, and I did enjoy the story line he came up with for this. The art and colors were also well done by Jesus Saiz and others. One instance I really thought was nicely done was when the power source was changing from red to green and he blend of colors they showed. Before I proceed, here’s your possible spoiler warning.

John Stewart was unable to get a location on where him and some other lanterns had ended up. As the miniseries progresses, he begins to piece together what happened and they make their way back to their world. Being more familiar with Hal Jordan as Green Lantern, I thought the back story on John was a nice touch. This seemed to be a good jumping on point for the character, even though he has clearly been around for a while. The fight scenes were well represented and visually pleasing to look at. The different colors and lettering for the different species made it easy to keep track of who was who, especially when the lanterns were without their rings and couldn’t have languages translated.

Ultimately, I enjoyed how the story was wrapped up and still left a cliffhanger based on a certain someone’s brief cameo in the final issue. I would recommend checking this out for those looking for a glimpse into John Stewart’s past and how the Green Lantern Corps works together despite certain barriers or differences.