Playlist: Creature Comfort

creature comfort
Creature Comfort took some time to make a playlist of songs that influenced their EP. Check out the playlist below along with the band’s explanation behind each the creation of their songs.

Am I Dreaming?
The War On Drugs – “Under The Pressure”
Andrew Bird – “Desperation Breeds”
“Am I Dreaming?” is a song written by our guitarist Nick.  Although he wasn’t listening to The War On Drugs at the time, he was definitely channeling some their chord work.  I intended the verse melodies to be very pretty and clean but with feeling.  Andrew Bird does a good job of this, specifically in “Desperation Breeds”.
Light Boy
Beach House – “Walk in the Park”
The Helio Sequence – “Can’t Say No”
The Smiths – “This Charming Man”
“Light Boy” is probably our most dance-worthy song which can be attributed to the baseline which draws influence from The Smiths.  When I was writing the verses, I wanted to create a busy vocal line that had syncopated consonance.  I was really into The Helio Sequence at the time and I loved how quickly Brandon Summers fired off words in “Can’t Say No”.  I just got out of a Beach House phase when we were writing this song and loved the way Victoria Legrand scooped some of her vocal lines in such a legato fashion.”
Blue Blood (Dark Boy)
Bright Eyes- “Firewall”
Deerhunter- “He Would Have Laughed”
“I remember when I first got Halcyon Digest.  I was obsessed with the second-half of “He Would Have Laughed”, a great closing track to that record.  I sat down and learned the chord progression and thought “Man, I wanna write a song that uses this pattern.” Somehow that turned into “Blue Blood”.  In “Firewall”, Conor Oberst has this stand out melody with just simple guitar and his raw voice. I tried to emulate that.
Sugar Cookies
LCD Soundsystem – “Dance Yrslf Clean”
“Sugar Cookies” was written on a piano when I was back home visiting my folks.  It was around that time that I was listening to “This is Happening”.  We used to listen to it at Cole’s old place all the time. He had a record room where we could just sit and listen to vinyl.  That album was played pretty frequently.
Run Rabbit Run
Modest Mouse – “The View”
Stars- “Set Yourself On Fire”
St. Vincent- “Northern Lights”
“This song pulled from a lot of different places and went through many different phases of what it wanted to be.  I wrote the opening guitar lick on Christmas a couple years ago and was aiming for something dirty, similar to an Isaac Brock riff. When we were writing the outro, we wanted something that was bass heavy, had a fair amount of twinkle,  and let my vocals show.  “Set Yourself On Fire” is a perfect balance of all these musical qualities.