Review: ‘We Are Robin Volume 1: The Vigilante Business’ By Lee Bermejo

We Are Robin Vol. 1: The Vigilante Business covers issues 1 – 6. There may be some spoilers (mostly plot) that lie ahead.

This is the first Robin-centric series I’ve read. Now mind you, I’m also fairly new to comics and haven’t really delved in to a ton of specific characters. The trade was solely written by Lee Bermejo and art was mainly done by Jorge Corona with help from Rob Haynes, Khary Randolph, James Harvey, and Carmine Di Giandomenico. Colors were done by Trish Mulvihill, Emilio Lopez, James Harvey, Christine Duart Peter, Allen Passalaqua, and Mat Lopes. Jared K. Fletcher handled lettering and all covers were done by Lee Bermejo. Now that’s a lot of names for only 6 issues of comics. That said, though, I didn’t see inconsistencies really and that’s always a plus. I really loved the color and art style of this series, as well.

Moving on to the actual story, I found the idea of a group of Robins interesting. Many know Robin as a sidekick and this was definitely a new spin on that. The kids who are working together seem to have mixed feelings about Batman, but still choose to think it’s him pulling the strings as “The Nest.” It was also made clear in this arc that the kids fight crime together, but don’t actually know a whole lot about one another. I think this is the main flaw presented to the group and something that they’ll need to work on to ensure they have each other’s backs and understand more about what each person is going through at any given time. I see this as an upside, though, because it provides the characters with ways to improve as a team.

Overall, I enjoyed the storyline presented here and may have to continue reading the trades of this. One thing I’ll need to do as I continue reading this, though, will be to better keep track of the names. With a somewhat large group of Robins it was a bit hard to keep track of who’s who or what codenames are being used.