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Cemetery Sun took some time to answer questions about the beginning of the band, their single “Wish It Was Love,” and more. Check it out below.
When did the band first form and how did you all know each other? 
The band knew each other from the local music scene. Josh and Austen were in a band called Headlines and Elliot and Jesse were in a band called the Even Tide. We had played shows together multiple times and when Headlines started to slow down, Josh tried out for vocals for Elliot and Jesse’s new project. When that went south, Headlines decided to bring Jesse and Elliot on board and mix their styles, creating Cemetery Sun.

What’s the best thing about being a band in Northern California? Do you feel it’s less pressure than being from places like LA or NY?

We love being a band in Northern California because there is a sense of comraderie in the music scene here that you probably aren’t going to get in a very competetive market (Los Angeles, for example). There is still a little bit of pressure because we definitely want to hold it down for our hometown, and put Nor Cal on the map, but the pressure drives us in a positive fashion.

What’s the story behind “Wish It Was Love”?

It is about an unfortunate realiziation. It comes down to this… Love cannot be obtained when actions and feelings are driven by lust. Lust is the root of all failed attempts to make something work, in this case. For love to work, it has to be reciprocated by both parties, in which case this song clearly defines that my personal experiences were nothing more than a one night high left empty by the morning.

This being your debut EP, what has the reception been like with the single premiering on Alternative Press?

The reception has been great with the AP premiere. We are huge fans of AP and were honored to be a part of their movement. We also believe that readers of AP are definitely super fans in the best way possible. Definitely made a handful of lifelong fans due to the AP premiere… so thank you AP!

What can we expect from the band once the EP is out?

Expect a lot of touring. And we mean A LOT! We had great success with our friends Finish Ticket and Vinyl Theatre on the Ones to Watch Tour across the U.S and we cannot wait to get back out there and meet all you wonderful people. We will also continuing building our catalog of new material which continues to grow, and work on a new clothing line for our merch store.
Can you tell us a bit about your favorite venue in Northern California and why it’s your favorite?
Harlows in downtown Sacramento is definitely becoming one of our favorites. It is our go to when it comes to playing locally in town because the crowds are always incredible and the staff is very accomodating and takes good care of us every time.

Thanks for your time! Where can our readers keep up with you online?

Thank you guys so much! To all the fans… definitely keep up to date with us on all of our social medias. Instagram – @cemeterysun Twitter – @cemeterysuncrew Facebook – Youtube – and last but NOT least, be sure to add us on Spotify because that is where we will be debuting the EP in its entirety!

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