Review: ‘Batman Vol. 8: Superheavy’ by Scott Snyder

Batman Volume 8: Superheavy is the latest trade in Scott Snyder’s run of Batman. Greg Capullo is the penciler, inks are done by Danny Miki, colors are by Fco Plascencia, and letters are by Steve Wands. This was actually my first exposure to Snyder’s Batman so I’m a bit late to the game. I didn’t mind the few spoilers that came with this arc, and here’s your warning that there may be some in this review.

The story arc was an interesting idea to me, but I’m not sure it hit as well as it could. This volume covers issues 41 – 45. It opens with Jim Gordon being asked to be the new Batman, which is an interesting choice considering the age difference between him and Bruce Wayne. It would have seemed more ideal to find someone either currently serving in the military, like Jim Gordon had previously, or as Gordon mentioned, to choose someone who was going through the rigorous training to be the next Batman. I was, however, a fan of the high tech suit. It’s not the traditional Batman suit we’re used to, but I felt like it was keeping up with the times of ever-changing technology. The fact that it could move on it’s own and obey basic commands brought a new aspect to how Batman fights.

As far as a main villain goes, Bloom was mysterious and there didn’t seem to be much other information available aside from the seeds that were being given to people. This is a villain I would love to know more about and further reading of this series will likely provide a more complete picture. Jim seemed baffled by Bloom and wasn’t always entirely sure what to do so it made for a good first villain for him. I was a bit disappointed with how Geri treated Jim for wanted to go after Bloom off the radar to keep people safe. She then wanted Jim to resign, but we ultimately don’t find out if he does due to the cliffhanger ending at the close of issue 45.

Bruce Wayne did appear in these issues and I thought Snyder put in a good balance of him and Julie Madison helping kids at the center to feel safe. With no memories of being Batman, this was a much different side of Bruce and it’ll be interesting to see how much deeper he takes that.

Overall, it felt a bit strange to have Jim Gordon as Batman and I’m still not entirely sure it was the best option for this arc. However, this arc did make me want to go back to the previous seven trades and get a complete picture of this Batman prior to Bruce Wayne losing his memory of all of it. Snyder is a great writer and the colors on the book were fantastic. The creative team is no doubt outstanding, I just would’ve loved a bit more meat to this arc I suppose you could say. Jim felt iffy about being Batman and I think that made me question the choice of having him do this in the first place.