Review: ‘Daredevil’ Season 2 Episode 13

We’ve come to the final episode in season two of Daredevil. As stated in the previous reviews, there will be spoilers so be sure you’ve watched the full series before reading this.

“A Cold Day In Hell’s Kitchen” packs in a lot of action and general plot that needs to be wrapped up. At this point, Nelson and Murdock is no more, Karen is working at the paper, and both Daredevil and Elektra have unfinished business with Nobu. We also spend a bit more time with Punisher and how he’ll proceed after his escape from prison.

The episode opens with Nobu wanting to launch some sort of attack on 20 different locations throughout the city. It was clear that this had to do with Elektra being Black Sky, but I felt that this moment brought more questions than it answered, especially when they didn’t have Elektra at the time. Speaking of Elektra, Daredevil’s resident tailor, Melvin, gives her a new outfit as well to help reduce injuries. Some anyway. When Elektra and Daredevil make the choice to go after Nobu and save the bus full of people he took hostage, they also start making plans to runaway together. Which, of course, is something that rarely ever happens in a show when two people talk about it. To no surprise, this show was no different. When the two fight Nobu and his army of ninjas, Punisher shows up to lend a helping hand. This leads to the reveal of Punisher’s costume, which was nice and simple. It’s also much better looking than the current iteration of Daredevil’s costume. Ultimately, the fight scene ends with Elektra stabbed and dying, and Stick making a brief appearance to kill Nobu once and for all. Considering Nobu turned out to not be dead after season one, it was a bit refreshing to see that at least one villain would be out of the picture for good.

Aside from the huge, rooftop fight, we spend a little time with Foggy and Frank. Foggy meets with Jeri Hogarth about a new job with her firm. This was a nice nod to Jessica Jones and I believe it would be a fantastic way to tie the two shows together without making it seemed forced. If Nelson and Murdock is in fact done, Foggy will need that job offer. As for Frank, he sets fire to his house in an attempt to move on. It felt a bit drastic, but then again, this is Punisher we’re talking about. Shortly after, we get a voice over from Karen about heroes. I think I could have done without this, but it made for a good story. The season ends with Matt revealing to Karen that he’s Daredevil, which probably makes a lot of light bulbs go off in Karen’s head and we see that The Hand stole Elektra’s body to move forward with whatever their plan actually is.

The ending was a perfectly fine cliffhanger, which will likely start off as a continued war between The Hand and Daredevil in season three. I’m curious to see if they bring Elektra back, as they had with the ninja who had seemingly already had an autopsy done. Overall, season two was not as strong as season one, which was understandable considering the two huge character introductions they had. The small nods to Jessica Jones were handled well and didn’t seem forced. I’m hoping in season three, they go back to focusing more on Daredevil and not introducing characters of the same caliber as Punisher and Elektra. I’m intrigued by the story of Punisher and while we got a lot of his back story here, I think they did a good job of setting up the character and now we can move forward without too much more origin story. The same can be said of Elektra with the flashbacks seen throughout the season. I enjoyed the season, but it did drag on at points and I think everyone involved made it tough on themselves to follow up how great season one was.