Review: ‘Daredevil’ Season 2 Episodes 9 – 12


We’re back with the third installment of our review of season two of Daredevil. This one will cover episodes nine through twelve and tomorrow we will conclude with the final episode. There will still be spoilers, so we hope you’ve caught up before reading this.

“Seven Minutes In Heaven” starts with heavy focus on Wilson Fisk. He makes a deal with Punisher that will finally give him the satisfaction of knowing the truth about the day his family was killed. Naturally, Fisk turns on him and tries to have an entire cell block kill him, which doesn’t turn out quite as planned. There’s a John Doe from the day of the massacre in Central Park. It turns out he was an undercover cop and Reyes had more to hide than everyone thought. This was possibly the strongest episode of the season. Vincent D’Onofrio as Fisk is just as stellar as he was in season one. We also get the return of Nobu, who Matt thought was dead. Frank ultimately escapes from prison, with the help of Fisk. The big reveal to Daredevil is what The Hand has been hiding in the dark – a handful of kids who had been nearly drained of all of their blood.

“The Man In The Box” shows Daredevil taking the victims to the hospital without checking them in properly. They’re held in a wing that’s under construction and from that moment, it became fairly obvious that something bad would happen. Foggy ends up in the same hospital when someone acting as the Punisher kills Reyes and Foggy takes a bullet. At that moment, it was clear to me that the Punisher wasn’t the one behind this because he had no reason to risk the lives of the lawyers who were trying to help them. As Karen tries to convince others, he has a code and this just didn’t fit. And speaking of Karen, she’s been working at the New York Bulletin, in Urich’s office to be exact. We were introduced to this last episode, but it comes to the forefront here as she tries to figure out what is going on with Frank, who later saves her from the person pretending to be him. It ended with the hospital being infiltrated by ninjas and Daredevil noticing from the rooftop. The episode was intense and killing Reyes was unexpected. And I forgot to mention, the Fisk and Matt encounter in prison was extremely well done and the best segment of the episode.

“.380” continues exactly where the last episode left off. The writers and show runners did a great job with the continuity for each episode, as well as putting in cliffhangers despite a good chunk of people binge watching the show. From the fight scene with the ninjas, in which one dies thanks to Claire, we find out that he already had an autopsy type of procedure done on him based on the large y incision on his torso. Madame Gao also makes a return. While I enjoy the return of season one characters, I’m not sure they had to bring back quite so many. She was only in it briefly, though, so we don’t really get to know a whole lot about what she’s been doing since Daredevil believed he ran her out of town. The Blacksmith is the main focus of Punisher in this episode and he used Karen as bait to get to him. This was a clever use of Frank and Karen’s relationship because she didn’t see it coming until they were already sitting in the diner and the men had driven around the block multiple times. This episode was packed with a ton action, almost too much to keep track of, including the scene of Daredevil and Punisher fighting each other yet again on the ship. The ship ultimately explodes, leaving a lot of dead bodies, but everyone knows there’s no way the Punisher is dead (except for the detectives there).

“The Dark End Of The Tunnel” reveals that Clancy Brown isn’t quite who he appeared to be. The colonel pulls a gun on Karen, who yet again went somewhere by herself. While it’s great that Karen is seen as an independent woman throughout the show, I think it’s a bit much to have her keep getting into dangerous situations by herself. Shouldn’t she have learned by now? I feel like this does a bit of a disservice to her character, but thankfully Frank bails her out of trouble again. This episode we also get a flashback of Elektra training with Stick and people calling her “it.” This hints at the fact that Elektra could be Black Sky and soon she begins to remember her past more vividly. The episode closes out with Nobu saying “Daredevil must die.” As I mentioned earlier, the cliffhangers from episode to episode were well executed.

These four episodes lead up to the finale. And while we still get a lot of fight scenes, I feel like there may have been too many. It doesn’t feel like quite as much care was taken with the fight scenes as they did in season one. I did still greatly enjoy these episodes, but that was one flaw I noticed. It’s also obvious that this season is meant to introduce Elektra and Punisher, while giving a ton of information on the origins of both. We see Elektra as a young girl and we find out the truth about Frank’s family and how he became the way he is now. We’ll be back tomorrow to cover the finale and give more overall thoughts on season two.