Review: ‘Daredevil’ Season 2 Episodes 5 – 8


We’re back with the next four episodes of Daredevil. Again, there will be spoilers for episodes five through eight, so be sure to watch those before reading this.

“Kinbaku” starts with a flashback to ten years ago. This is the first time Matt and Elektra meet and we get to know a bit more about their history. What surprised me with this episode was how little action there was. It was a nice break from the violence and it gave us a few extra tidbits in exchange. This episode drops Jessica Jones into the story in a subtle way. Marcy comes back to meet Foggy and mentions that her firm represents Jessica. It was clever and didn’t make it look like they were trying to force anything.

“Regrets Only” brings a lot of the Punisher pre-trial preparation into the show. Foggy, Matt, and Karen struggle to find the right defense. Karen has a connection with Frank and he tends to only want to talk to her. It seemed odd that Karen would be willing to get close to him despite not liking the ideas of vigilantes. Reyes is looking to extradite Frank to Delaware, where he could be given the death penalty for his crimes, so the team has to find a way out of that.

“Semper Fidelis” is when the actual trial begins and Matt fails to show for his opening statement, which led to a fight between him and Foggy. It was interesting how they chose to portray Matt in the instances when he had to choose between Elektra or Foggy and Karen. He almost unquestionably followed Elektra and after so many year of not seeing her it would have been nice to see him be a little less eager to help like he had been when she first showed up, which didn’t last long. This episode did bring a nice balance between focusing on Elektra and the Punisher, though.

“Guilty As Sin” brings the return of Stick and Wilson Fisk. I was wondering just how many characters they would bring back from season one, and while we only briefly see Fisk, it was refreshing to know that characters don’t just go away once they’re in jail. The trial continues and Foggy continues to take the reins as Matt fails to help out. While fighting some more, Elektra is nearly killed and that is when we see Stick return. He mends her back to health to keep her from dying. Frank loses it on the stand and Matt realizes that someone got to him. The final scene of the episode is when Fisk as revealed and it becomes clear he had something to do with it.

These four episodes picked up the pace a bit and kept the plot interesting with bringing back season one characters, connecting Daredevil to a larger part of the MCU, and continuing to dazzle with their cinematography and choreography for the fight scenes. I really think this is where the season gets interesting and it made it easy to just plow through to the final episode. Tomorrow we’ll be back with episodes nine through twelve.