Review: ‘Daredevil’ Season 2 Episodes 1 – 4

Daredevil hit Netflix on March 18th for it’s second season. After last seasons success, many were looking forward to the additions of The Punisher and Elektra. It’s safe to say there will be spoilers throughout so be sure to catch up before reading these. We will cover the show in three four episode blocks with a final post covering the final episode an overall thoughts on the season as a whole.

“Bang” is the first episode of the season and it was a solid jumping off point from where season one left off. After the capture of Wilson Fisk, Hell’s Kitchen was deemed to be a safer place until the shooting started, that is. When bullets start flying at the Irish. It’s the introduction to Punisher without actually seeing him. I did wish they would have waited and not introduced him in the first episode. It would have been nice to have a buffer between Fisk and Punisher to see just how much Hell’s Kitchen has changed. By the end of the episode we get our first fight between Daredevil and Punisher. Punisher lands a shot right to Daredevil’s head.

“Dogs To A Gunfight” picks up right where episode one left off. Foggy is in a rush to find Matt and finds him up on a rooftop where Punisher left him. Foggy somehow manages to sneak him home during the day without anyone noticing. Depicting Matt’s temporary hearing loss might have been the best part of this episode. But with a fight between Matt and Karen and another fight between Daredevil and Punisher, it gets a bit overshadowed. The fight scenes are still well shot, but not always as entertaining as season one’s fight scenes.

“New York’s Finest” is based on Ennis’ Punisher mini-series Welcome Home Frank. At the beginning of the episode, Daredevil is chained up on a rooftop with Punisher, where he then learns his first name is Frank. Claire returns this episode, which is always a plus. We also get a rehash of the season one hallway fight scene in this episode, except they added more to it. This time it takes us down a stairway along the way and reveals the clever cinematography it took to film a similar scene in a new way. The most suspicious thing to happen in the episode, though, is Karen anonymously receiving x-rays of a bullet wound to the head.

“Penny and Dime” is the most brutal episode yet as far as visuals go. The Irish abduct Punisher, putting a drill right through his foot to torture him. Karen goes off on her own to hunt down more information on Punisher. Daredevil shows up to rescue Punisher, and more so to keep him from killing everyone. He takes him to a cemetery, where the cops capture him. However, before cops arrive, Daredevil learns more about the Punisher’s past and what made him the man he is today. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Matt and Karen relationship to begin with, and this episode focuses on it a bit more than I would have liked but it was a nice moment for Matt and as a character, he needed it. However, the episode redeems itself a bit more with the introduction of Elektra waiting in Matt’s apartment. Although, it then seems pretty obvious that things won’t quite work out with Matt and Karen.

These first four episodes seemed to be a bit of a slow burn as far as the plot goes. We learn a few more things than what we knew in episode one. We get the two new characters introduced while bringing back Claire to keep ties with season one. I’d say it was a decent start but nothing amazing. I enjoyed it, but eagerly awaited for something more to happen.