Show Review: Further Seems Forever At The Roxy


Further Seems Forever played The Roxy on March 19th. it had been around 13 years since that line up has played together. It was only a three band bill, which seemed perfect for the space. The Roxy has a capacity of 449. And while that may not seem like a lot, it’s still a decent sized venue. Rival Tides and Kids opened for them and it was a show to remember.

Rival Tides was the local LA band in the opening slot. They got the crowd involved and with a new album out in April, they had some new material to play. Kids followed with a slightly different vibe. Instead of a typical rock band, they included flutes and keyboard in their songs to put a twist on it. The venue filled out more as each band played. Once Further Seems forever was setting up, the venue had filled out and the crowd was ready for the final act.

The band came on stage and began to play. The crowd was instantly into it and singing along. While the band has maintained a fan base all these years, they were still humbled and grateful for how many people came out to support them. They had the usual banter that bands do between songs, in which Chad told the crowd how he can lose guitar picks in his beard if he tries to hold them between his teeth like many guitarists do. Jason Gleason ran off stage to grab the opportunity to take a photo of the crowd before starting the next song. The crowd really got into “Pride War” during the set and the band played a cover of “Pagan Poetry” by Bjork.

The highlight of the whole show, though, wasn’t even the music. It was a between song speech about Jon Bunch, who was honored with a show in Santa Ana two days later. The heartfelt speech captivated the audience and it was as if we all knew Jon Bunch personally in that moment. During the final song, the crowd got really into it and closed out the night with some crowdsurfing. Start to finish, the band played an amazing set to celebrate How To Start A Fire.