Interview: The Blind Pets

the blind pets

When did the band first form and how did you meet? 

I formed the band in 2007. We met in Austin. I met Dustin (bass) at Guitar Center where he worked. I was looking for a good fuzz pedal and he recommended the Boss md–2. I love it and asked him if he played bass and he did. 9 years later we are still doing it and traveling the country regularly. Alex (drums/percussion/background vocals) was a friend of a friend. Our old drummer wanted to just play guitar for another band in town called NITF. Couldn’t really blame him because his first show was opening up for ZZ TOP. Luckily found Alex after that because he was a fan of the tunes. He has been a very unique addition to the band. Playing over 200 shows during the course of 2 years. Jonas Wilson also plays keys on the record. He is our part time pet.

Being in the Austin area, do you try to get in on the SXSW action and play some shows? 

For the past three years we have slowed down during the fest because we don’t want to go crazy trying to get “someone” to see us. Plus no one wants to pay you and in some case you feel burned because you know the money is there somewhere.

What’s your favorite venue to play in Austin and which is your favorite outside of Austin? 

Hotel Vegas In Austin and Hi Dive in Denver, CO outside of Austin.

What was the songwriting process for Sharon is Karen? Do you tend to write new song while you’re on the road? 

We were very busy touring and writing this past year (2015). When we were home we recorded the tunes. I usually write a riff and words for a chorus then take it to the practice space for the guys to chip away on the bass and drums. Verses usually are written in the studio. I just like to let the songs come naturally. Especially the words cause everyone has something to say.

When did you get in the studio to record and who did you work with? 

We recorded the record in Leander, TX at Skeleton Farm Records (Aaron Behrens of Ghostland Observatory’s space). The board that we used was an old MCI board that was Porter Wagners. We recorded a lot of the drums and bass live then going back for guitar then vocals then any keys, percussion etc. Recorded on and off during 2015 due to touring. The actual process of the band recording was 10 days top to bottom.

Do any of you have some hobbies outside of the band? If so, what are they? 

I work as a hummus merchandiser, construction worker, music video director, screen printer, event producer, etc. really anything I can get my hands on. Dustin is a taxi cab driver. He drives the handicap van and takes a lot of people to the doctor. Alex works in a shisha warehouse. It’s actually the number one shisha supply company. I have a solo project called Chief White Lightning and I am finishing a record called Donut Feel Good. Also I want to work with film more. Alex has been working on a solo record as well.

Thanks for taking time to answer some questions! Where can our readers find you online?–1